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Kids Euro Fest: EU Shorts

Sunday, October 21, 2018 10:00AM

Enjoy the following selection of family-friendly short films from countries across the European Union:

Prickly Pear (Malta, 12 min)
Feeling guilty that he told his sister she could eat the prickly pears that were meant for his grandmother's birthday, a boy embarks on a mission to secure replacement fruit. But finding the fruit during the offseason isn't as easy as he expects, and his quest to right his wrong means quite a distance to travel.

Darwin's Cave (Portugal, 13 min)
The transfer of experiences between mothers and daughters, as if it were a diary, the memory of an experience passed on, the indispensable embrace, the deep sense that allows us to take steps forward and continue to love.

Sunday Drive (Portugal, 20 min)
The "Idalecio" family is close to imploding emotionally. During the weekly Sunday drive all falls apart. It starts with a claustrophobic car trip through town. Nagging children, football on the radio, a mother in law with a sharp tongue, a new pregnancy. It is a day that will turn their lives around. An anti-Sunday.

Weasel (Slovenia, 11 min)
Weasel roams a dreary land hungry, then walks upon the last tree standing, kept alive by a flock of mocking birds. The birds are what keep the unstable tree in balance. Weasel tries to climb up the rocking ree, but lucklily for the birds, this takes obstinacy and many unsuccessful attempts.

All films are presented in English language, or have no dialogue.
Recommended for children ages five and up.

After the film screening, explore treasures from around the world in Hillwood’s mansion and enjoy the magnificent gardens.

Kids Euro Fest: EU Shorts